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What is a Drain Sock?

A drain sock is a device that clamps around the sprinkler drop, trapping the sprinkler head in the collection chamber. When the head is loosened, the pressure is checked by a 200 lb. pressure gauge via a ¼" port. Then, the stagnate water can be drained via the ½" hose bib connection, all in a safe controlled manner.


A look inside the
Drain Sock
reveals its quick and easy installation.



Upper Grommet - High durometer rubber bored to the diameter of a 1" drop, and cut vertically to open around the pipe. The outside is grooved to accept the heavy duty clamps.


 Hose - 2½" rubber lined hose tested to 250 psi.


Lower Hub - Hard plastic hub center bored to accept ½" socket extension and seals. Side drilled for pressure gauge and ½" hose bib.


Hose Clamps - Special heavy duty stainless steel hose clamps.

Hose Bib and Pressure Gauge.

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